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From Bad Dates to Good Loving

Entrepreneur and social media innovator Jennifer Kelton tells how she created, the first website allowing people to connect based on bad dating experiences. She explains how bad dates can reveal values and help people find love.

Dating in Disguise

Jennifer discusses her new online dating game show that premiers in early 2011 and how it will help people in their search for a compatible date or mate.

Bad Date TV

Jennifer created the webisode series with its characters such as Bad Date Ben and Bad Date Betty to teach dating manners and etiquette. She discusses some of the dating basics that people seem to have forgotten, or never learned.

NerdGirlsAGoGo Guru

Jennifer, an online video and social networking pioneer, discusses how she is shaking up the world of online dating with innovations such as the BadOnlineDates iPhone App, a "virtual bad date wingman" that lets frustrated daters share their stories with a supportive community.

Mel Gibson, Red Flags and Dates from Hell

Jennifer tells what people can learn from abusive celebrity relationships and red flags for avoiding bad dates and worse relationships.

Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel and Other Bad Date Lessons

Drawing from her own dating experience, her blogs and the year-long research for her book, Jennifer discusses the worst dates ever – a great topic for listener call-in radio.

The Power of Laughter

Jennifer discusses how the humor helps people get through dating disasters, and how she uses it on and to teach lessons to improve the dating experience for everyone.

Top 10 Liar Warning Signs

When online profiles seem too good to be true, they probably are. Jennifer shares her detective tricks for determining if a potential online date isn't being honest.

On the First Date?

Jennifer explores the positive and negative aspects of having sex on a first date and how it really affects a new relationship.

Building Business Online

Drawing from her numerous successful online ventures, Jennifer discusses the advantages and pitfalls of building an online business and gives advice for aspiring Web entrepreneurs.

One Woman Band

Jennifer discusses how she develops fresh content and technologies for, and

Fit to Succeed

Jennifer, an avid runner, discusses how running helps her stay connected, inspired and energized to run her businesses.

Life-Inspired Art

Jennifer discusses Every Morning Tells A Story, her five-year art project taking photos on her morning runs. Dec. 14, 2010 marked two years she has been taking the photos. She hopes the project inspires people to realize that attitude sets the stage for success every day.

Jennifer discusses her new website, which gives people a place to post their wishes online, and how she hopes to work with nonprofit groups that assist veterans returning from war, the homeless and others in need.

Dating in the New Millennium

From cell phone cameras to virtual sex, dating has come a long, long way. Jennifer discusses how today's technologies and relaxed social mores affect dating and how these factors affect our ability to find a date or a mate.
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